White Gold Engagement Rings

white gold engagement rings

white gold engagement rings

The contemporary look of white gold engagement rings is undeniably attractive and countless couples choose this precious metal for its elegance, simplicity and modern power. Regular quality standards require that white gold engagement rings be designed either from 14K or 18K gold so as to meet high quality standards. Deciding on the karat number is crucial particularly for people who have to set a budget. The major difference between white gold and the classic yellow variant is hardness. The fact of being significantly more durable ensures a longer life for white gold engagement rings not to mention that this metal variety works better with diamond mountings.

18K white gold engagement rings are more valuable and better rated for the quality of the metal. Not only will it resist to scratches very well, but it will also have a higher purity level. 18K gold does not require rhodium for instance for the covering up of the discoloration specific to the 14K gold. The presence of the silver and the palladium in the white gold alloy is responsible for the white color since with the regular yellow gold other adjacent metals are used: copper and zinc mainly. Finally, the brightness of the white gold engagement rings comes from the application of a special rhodium coating that prevents the appearance of a dull gray color specific to any natural white gold form.

At a simple comparison between platinum and white gold engagement rings, the former metal will allow for the making of jewelry that costs double because of the high density and purity of the material. Therefore, classy fashion trends mainly aiming at the average user will generally focus on the less exclusive white gold engagement rings. The variety of the designs and the grace of the jewels is not at all affected for the matter, since a diamond will match white gold just as well as it would platinum.

Concerning the settings of white gold engagement rings, there are four major types that include chevron, bezel, prong and invisible. Daily wear equals the purchase of a bezel or semi-bezel ring. More romantic and somehow rarer designs focus on the prong setting while the invisible is considered highly practical. Last but not least, the chevron setting remains a little unpopular for white gold engagement rings but even so, it all depends on personal fondness in the creation of a highly individualized model that is usually custom-made.

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