jadi… VPS apa Dedi??

vps apa dedi

Pertanya-an itu pasti muncul kalau shared hosting yang anda pakai sekarang sudah sering kasih warning tentang masalah resources yang website anda pakai di shared server mereka. Trus jadi yang lebih bagus mana? VPS apa Dedi? setelah nanya nanya kesana kemari saya dapet jawaban seperti berikut ini :

“I have said this before and I guess will have to say it a lot more…NOT EVERYONE NEEDS OR WANTS A VPS. I know it sounds sexy to say you have a server all your own but remember that sex can end with you getting screwed.

Now do not get me wrong, we sell VPS’s to, but unless you want or need to be dealing with issues that require root access (Need specialized PHP or webserver configuration, etc..) why do you want to have it ? Are you up for keeping the server secure ? Do you want the hassle ?

Some people do, they see the logical progression of what they are doing as eventually requiring them to work with and learn the basics of server management and if that is what you want, by all means get a VPS from a managed or good semi-managed company that can help you through and you can learn how things work. But if your goals focus more on running your site(s)…and server management is something you would do only because you feel you have to…Why do it ?

So here is my alternative for you to think of, maybe a large reseller or better said a Semi-Dedicated plan would be the way to go. Make sure the company has servers powerful enough to handle the sites and with your budget you can be pretty picky about who and where you go … and let them worry about the server.

My last point that everyone seems to gloss over is the following..a VPS is also a shared server. IF…and again this is where you do your due diligence and find a GOOD company…But IF it is a good company the reseller/semi-dedicated plans are housed on the same kind and specified serves as the VPS plans, the only difference being the VPS Server is sliced up with virtualization that uses additional resources. So yes, in some cases the VPS would be slower than the reseller/semi-dedicated.

So look at your needs, expertise and desire to work through a learning curve. If you want to really get into the “nuts and bolts” of webservers, get a VPS, make sure you have great support behind you and come here once in a while when you need some additional help. If not, find a good company that will manage the server for you but still give you the resources you need.

Also, if a VPS is the way you choose, for <$75 per month, your should get at leasts 2048MB of memory if not more. Memory prices have dropped a LOT lately.”

Diarti in sendiri yah artinya hehehe, akhirnya saya tau apa yang saya perlu sekarang 😛

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