How to create favicon for your wordpress blog

Create favicon to add professional touch for your website or blog.

Favicon is small logo that appears on the left side of http:// on your address bar.

Here’s how you can create favicon for your website :

1. Find logo you want to use as your favicon

2. Go to favicon generator website, you can google it with keyword ‘favicon generator, or go to this my favorite favicon generator website.

3. Follow the instruction

4. Download the file, it should be ‘favicon.ico’

5. Upload your ‘favicon.ico’ on your server on ‘Public_html’ directory

6. Edit your header.php file

7. Add this following code to your header.php file

<link rel=”shortcut icon” href=”favicon.ico” />

8. Save your file

9. Refresh your browser

10 You should now have favicon for your website. Congratulation.

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