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The customs of giving and wearing engagement rings back to the 15th century based on the records, however the history could possibly much older than that. It appears that evidently the Romans had this practice going for the placing of the ring {on the|at the|on your|around the} left hand ring finger. Back then men and women made use to wear simple iron bands while gold and silver were the prerogatives of the gentility. The 1st symbolism of many engagement rings was of a rather practical nature simply because they represented an element of the bride’s dowry. With the ring,a female silently spoke of her committed status, and furthermore, the material the jewel was made of clearly indicated the social rank of the groom too.

Engagement rings are present in almost all the cultures; this is the case with the ancient Egyptians that wore both the commitment symbols as well as the wedding bands. In terms of sacred geometry, the circle – the ring – stands for renewal, eternity and wholeness. In many ways the ring is the sign of perfection to be achieved in married life, moreover, it brings together the feminine and the masculine, the yin and the yang, the sun and the moon. Presently, there are ceremonies in which the engagement rings are given to both man and woman during the so-called double ring ceremony.

Couples also choose to add their own symbolism to the engagement rings. There are either ethnic motifs, family traditions or they simply have a certain memory, event or commemoration to attach to the meaning of the jewel. Filigree patterns, heirlooms, special settings as well as the engraving of initials, messages and the like are just a few of the ways to personalize engagement rings. It is for such purposes that designer engagement rings for instance are most appreciated, since they meet the uniqueness expectations of any couple.

Birthstone engagement rings represent another nice way of adding a special meaning to an already unique moment. The choice of the gemstones is influenced by some special dates the bride and the groom want to commemorate such as the first date, the first kiss, and so on. More precious stones can be used for the matter to suggest past, present and future as it is the case with three stone engagement rings. The shapes, sizes and models of the jewels are sheerly incredibly varied. Huge collections are available in all sorts of stores both regular and electronic. Read also article about makeityourring diamond engagement rings

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